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  • Help Chip the Turtle Get a Makeover -- Donation to help pay for restoration materials

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    Donate now to help restore "Chip" the Idora Park Turtle!

    The Turtle ride arrived at Idora Park to begin the 1954 season.  The ride consisted of five turtles in a row.  Chip was number four in line.  The Turtle ride was still operating when Idora Park closed in 1984.

    The Idora Park Experience has two of the five Idora Park Turtles.  The remaining three turtles are unaccounted for.

    Mahoning County Career & Technical Center (MCCTC) is providing the tools and man-hours to restore Chip, but the cost of materials is on us.

    Your contribution will help keep this icon of Idora Park 'alive' so that future generations may see and learn about Youngstown's Million Dollar Amusement Park.  Your contribution also gives MCCTC's high school juniors the opportunity to work on a historical project to be shared with our community.