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LIMITED! The "LOST IDORA PARK" Collection Ornaments: Get Both Sets & Save $5

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Get All 12 Ornaments & Save $5: The Lost Idora Park Christmas Ornament Collection

Limited Edition: Childhood memories are captured forever in these ornaments created with photos from The Idora Park Experience collection many of which are included in our book "LOST IDORA PARK".  

Get all twelve (12) double sided wooden ornaments with a different image on each side for a total of twenty-four (24) images from The Idora Park Experience collection. 

Antique and rustic in appearance, these wooden ornaments have an antique coloring photo and rough matte finish surface.

The ornaments measure approximately 2"x 3.5" with a twine string for hanging from your favorite tree.

The Jack Rabbit Edition Includes:

(on black wooden ornaments)

1. Jack Rabbit/Lost River

2. Merry-Go-Round Building/Merry-Go-Round Horses

3. Idora Limited Sign/Train

4. 1920's Era Ballroom/Dance Ticket

5. Porky The Paper Eater/Leo The Lion Paper Eater

6. Billingsgate Sign/1930's Era Neon Sign

The Wildcat Edition Includes:

(on white wooden ornaments)

1. Wildcat Sign/Wildcat Coaster

2. Rocket Ship/ French Fry Stand

3. Hooterville Highway/Hooterville Highway Car

4. Arcade/Miniature Golf

5. WHOT David Cassidy/WHOT Bobby Sherman

6. Parkview Road Sign/Trolley Scroll