All Coasters Earrings and Pendant Set


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One Pair of All Coasters Earrings and a Pendant.

Each pair of earrings is its own unique design - no other pair matches.

All Coasters Earrings made with the actual paint and wood from all THREE of Idora Park's Roller Coasters; the Wildcat, the Jack Rabbit, and the Baby Wildcat.  

Earring loops are Sterling Silver.

Please excuse the glare from camera flash!

If you have questions please contact us by email.

Each piece of the Idora Park Jewelry Collection is uniquely handcrafted personally by Jim Amey, founder of the Idora Park Experience and is made with authentic materials from our beloved Idora Park in Youngstown, Ohio.

Once the Idora Park materials are 'harvested' from the ride source it takes another four days to create the final product.

Each piece comes with a signed authentication statement that it was handcrafted by Jim Amey with genuine Idora Park artifacts.