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We look forward to seeing you at The Idora Park Experience the next time we are open.

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Good stuff to know:

ENTRANCE FEE:  $5.00, Children 12 years old and under enter free of charge.

Bring your quarters, dimes and pennies and play the Idora Park Arcade games (and win prizes).

And bring your dollars too so you can get:

    - Authentic Idora Park cotton candy (made with the original equipment and recipe);

    - The Recipes of Youngstown Cookbooks with the original French Fry recipe; and

    - All of the cool stuff you see for sale here on this website as well as a hidden gem or two sold only when the museum is open and not sold on this website.

LOCATION:  4450 S. Turner Road, Canfield, Ohio 44406, Canfield, OH 44406