General Information and History:

The Idora Park Experience had what we expect will be it's final opening on July 2nd & 3rd, 2022. We appreciate the love and support from our fans throughout the years and are excited for the next phase of the museum's evolution.

Stay tuned for more info! Fingers crossed! Exciting things are happening.

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The Idora Park Experience is a private museum dedicated to everything Idora Park.  Their mission is to find, rescue, restore and share Idora Park artifacts and to keep alive the memories of Youngstown Ohio's Idora Park amusement park which existed from 1899 - 1984.  Want to know more about Idora Park? Get the book "LOST IDORA PARK", and the book "IDORA PARK LAST RIDE OF SUMMER". Want to know more about The Idora Park Experience and the Amey's? Get the book "NUCKED! Misadventures with the IDORA PARK NINJAS"

LOCATION:  4450 S. Turner Road, Canfield, Ohio 44406


For more than 25 years Jim & Toni Amey have been scouring the USA to gather Idora Park artifacts, large and small.  They have amassed what is believed to be the most extensive and unique collection of Idora Park items in existence.  

They have had an amazing journey with both hilarious and heartbreaking moments and have funded this adventure 100% with their own personal funds.  Locating Idora Park artifacts and returning them to the Youngstown area has become a quest to reclaim an important part of the Mahoning Valley and amusement park history.  

In 2013 Jim & Toni retired to Canfield Ohio.  They built a 4,400 square foot building next to their residence to house the artifacts and set about figuring out how to share the collection with others.  

In March 2014, Canfield Township approved the Amey's request to open The Idora Park Experience, but limited the number of openings per year.  

The Idora Park Experience held its grand opening on April 26 & 27, 2014  --  April 26 being the 30th anniversary of the 1984 fire that signaled the end for Idora Park. Since opening to the public in 2014, The Idora Park Experience has welcomed more than 10,000 visitors to the museum.    

The Amey's mission of finding, rescuing, restoring and sharing Idora Park artifacts is ongoing.  It has in fact, become a quest.  They still follow every clue and scour the earth to gather what they can.  Jim spends countless hours repairing and restoring artifacts and improving displays.  If you haven't seen the Idora Park Experience, you should.  If you visited during one of the previous openings, much has changed and some artifacts have been added so you'll want to see what is new.  

Whether you have great memories of Idora Park, or have someone you know telling you how great Idora Park was, you won't want to miss seeing this exhibit.  Visitors to the museum have ranged in age from infants to children in their 90s.  Many visitors share their stories as well as their smiles, laughter and tears, as they relive their past at Idora Park.  Visit The Idora Park Experience and you'll know the feeling too.

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